Candle Lighting

BIUNIAL CANDLE CEREMONY – Another way of symbolizing the two becoming one.  Please note:  The biunial candles may be purchased direct from Back Mountain Candle Company using this link:  Candles are available in white or ivory.

Biunial Candle

________________and ________________, with your vows you have now joined your separaate lives together.  A true spiritual marriage is an act of metamorphosis, a profound mystery of creation and rebirth, as two become one.  It is not a giving up or loss of oneself, but rather a giving over of oneself to something greater – a transformation of self in which each one can say, “I am no longer only I, but also we.

Your wedding ceremony is the gateway into this mystery, for the lives that the two of you have lived up until this moment are, in some sense, now truly complete and over.  To symbolize this union, I invite you to each light one of the candles before you.

And now please move the candles together. 

Together you now live within the creation of something wholly new and transcendent something which has never existed before.  In this act of marriage, you open yourselves to a fuller experience and expression of the great vast miracle of love.

Note:  This ceremony is excerpted from a wedding ceremony composed by Lisa Trevino.  To see the entire ceremony please go to