I recently added to my repertoire of ceremonies a Key Ceremony. This can be read by the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, or by the two mothers sharing the readings,
or by the wedding officiant. One actual key is given to the couple after each section is read.

The Key to love is Intention: We remind ourselves each morning that this is a new day, and we set our priorities and renew our intention to the giving and acceptance of love. Without that decision and commitment each day, we are pulled in many directions and we may abandon the
key not only to love, but also to happiness.

The key to love is Forgiveness: We are meaning-makers, and how we see each other is through the filter of tour own thoughts and beliefs. We make interpretations of what someone has said or done, and it is the meaning that we make of it that causes us pain, not the other person’s words or actions.. Forgiveness is being willing to look at our interpretations and change them so that love is restored.

The key to love is removing the blocks to love. Most people fear love as much as they desire love. Offer up the fear to God, and ask to be open to give and receive all the love there is in the universe. Be the first to offer love, trusting the law of the universe that whatever we give, we also receive. Be kind, be appreciative, be loving, because love is the remedy for fear.

The key to love is respect. Remember that you don’t belong to each other. You belong with each other. Respect each others’ freedom, and support each others’ goals

The Key to love is communication: Sharing with each other what makes you feel loved. Is it receiving gifts? Is it spending time together? Is it hearing loving words? Is it physical touch?
Share with each other how you know you are loved, and give that to each other.

The keys to love are within us. We were created in love and love is there inside us. Don/t hold it back! Give it! Keep it flowing. It’s a continual learning process. The effort is well worth it.