Free Wedding Venues

For couples who want to avoid extra costs, and who want a small but beautiful wedding venue and a personalized ceremony, I offer my gazebo overlooking a lovely lake, or my wedding room in my home with floor to ceiling windows filled with plants, and a lake view. The cost of either these, including your personalized ceremony is $175. The only additional cost to you is chair rental. Additionally, If you are planning an outdoor wedding and want to insure coverage in case of inclement weather, there is space for you to also rent a small tent.

Please note: I provide space for weddings only, not receptions.

My yard can accommodate up to 50 people and the wedding room can accommodate 12-15 people.

My Morning Room which overlooks the lake:





Want to book a wedding with me? Call me now at 716-998-8496 or send me an email. I look forward to working with you!