Family Medallion

The Family Medallion Ceremony – to be used for blended families:

Minister:  Often we think of a wedding as the union of two people.  In reality, it is much broader.  ________ and _______ recognize that it is always a coming together of families.  To celebrate this broader union, they have chosen to present a medallion to ___________  and _________ as a symbol of their love.  This medallion (or whatever symbol you choose) is a reminder of both parents’ undying love.

Groom to Bride:  I have pledged my love to you and promised to be a faithful husband.  Now I make another, different kind of vow to _______ and _________.  I promise to be patient and loving with you.  I promise to love and protect you, to encourage and support you until the end of our days.  Here is a symbol of my promise to you.  (Presents medallion to each child).

Bride to Child/Children:

I have a special promise to make to each of you.  I promise to be patient and always to love you.  I will try to make you laugh and hold you when you’re scared or hurt.  I promise to listen to you when you share your problems and challenges with me.

Here is  a symbol of my promise to each of you. 

Medallions may be purchased from this website:

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