I am so glad that you have chosen me! I look forward to your special day. Please be sure that you have secured your date with me before making payment. You can book your date by calling me at 716-998-8496 or submit the form on the Book Now Page. Once I have confirmed that your date is secure, please feel free to make payment here.

I do ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your chosen wedding package. Please understand that once you have booked your date, that means I am likely unable to perform the service for someone else should they require the same date. If you cancel, which is sometimes unavoidable, this means I have lost two opportunities. This is why I request the deposit to hold your date and time.

  • Small & Intimate Weddings $75/$175
  • Silver Heart $200, deposit $100 (does not include a rehearsal)
  • Platinum Heart $275, deposit $150 and does include a rehearsal
  • Please provide the balance due, any mileage charges, and your marriage license one month prior to your ceremony.
  • Mileage charges of the current IRS allowance for business miles apply to locations requiring travel further than 60 miles from N. Tonawanda.

To pay via PayPal: please indicate that you are making a personal payment vs. purchasing an item. Send payments in any amount to Greater Buffalo Weddings, or use the form below;


Wedding Packages

Call me for details to send a check at 716-998-8496