Tree Ceremony

A Tree Ceremony composed by Rebecca Lippner with Excerpts from “Thoughts in a Garden”

I would like to invite the parents of Bride and Groom, (Names) to join Bride and Groom, as I point out the trees you see before you today.  Each tree is a gift from Bride and Groom’s individual families, brought to represent their joining as one.  They symbolize Groom and Bride’s individual roots, and the new life that will now grow from their unity.  Tomorrow, Groom and Bride will plant these trees at their home as they cultivate the start of a long life together in marriage.”

“Bride and Groom, we are with you to celebrate your relationship as it is, and as it is yet to be, and in doing so, we ask only that you remember how your life together will have the same seasons and needs as these trees. There will be growth like spring and loss like fall; there will be giving as the blossoming flower, and rest as the seed beneath the snow.  All the seasons will be yours, but remember too, that these trees and the garden in which they will grow, are not just happenings.  The more wonderful the garden, the more skilled the gardener.

So you will have to care deeply for the life that is yours together, and nurture it.  you will have to appreciate your differences and cultivate them.  You will have to take care of yourselves, if for no other reason than out of love for the other.  And you will need the support of family and friends to reach full growth.  As you caringly chose these trees in front of which to declare your marriage, so remember their lesson for your life together through the seasons that are yours to share.  And may those seasons bring you and yours much joy and happiness.”