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What is a Wedding Ceremony?

A wedding is a rite of passage which launches you into your new life together.  When you enter into a rite of passage, it’s time to set new intentions so that you can be happy and successful in your new life together. You are embarking on a transformational journey, and love is the catalyst for transformation -Love for yourself, love for your partner, and love for the family you create together.

Love Matters!

As with all rites of passage, there are challenges to overcome.  But you and your fiancee are the heroes who are prepared to overcome them:

  •   No longer expecting that your partner will make you happy
  •   No longer falling back into old habits of ineffective communication
  •   No longer falling back into the habit of unhappiness and dissatisfaction
  •   No longer being distracted and putting other goals before love 

More Love, More Life!

Most people don’t realize how powerful and pivotal setting intentions can be.  Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for your marriage for all your years together.  You can continue to draw on the loving energy that is generated by your wedding ceremony to keep your love alive and growing.  And you can set a new intention every day to fulfill the intentions you have pledged.

Let me help you design a wedding ceremony that brings you more love and happiness every day of your life.

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